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Turning Ideas into Products

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Sorry for the screaming image file, but I am getting frustrated with all of the off topic posts... =/


This community is for advertisting your shop, searching for zazzle products, helping each other out, informing others about important information, and other things that have to deal with Zazzle.

You do not have to have a Zazzle shop to join or watch this community, however posts must be related to Zazzle.

I am "babysitting" (Moderating) this community because some people do not know how to keep on topic... :/


1. Please keep posts on topic. Whether it's a request for a certain design, an advertistment for your shop, or important information. Just remember to keep it Zazzle. :)

2. Crossposting is allowed.

3. No bashing or flaming. If you do not like something, either talk in a civilizied manner or don't say anything at all. There shouldn't be any problem with that here, really.

4. Posts that are large or have many pictures should be placed behind an LJ-cut.

5. Please do not join, make a post, and then leave. So many people are doing that and it's rather frustrating, especially when the post isn't zazzle related.

6. This is NOT a community for advertising things such as Ebay, communities, Cafepress (although it is listed in the interest. This is to show Cafepress owners there is a site that is similar.), etc. To help you look for communities concerning those topics, please click the names. It will lead you to a list of communities. :) If the post is off topic, I will reject it. :/

7. Have fun and happy selling/shopping!

And remember, comments are your friend. ^_^

Thank you for reading!


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I want to redo the directory. I'm not sure how yet... =/

cheerful_art : Cheerful Madness!! Whimsical and cute cartoons
lavenderbard : Lady Lavender
xoexohexox : Fractal Experiments and Other Madness
phantompanther : The Phantom Panther Designs


Community moderated by phantompanther.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with Zazzle in anyway exept for owning a little shop. This community is not official. It's just a place where fellow zazzle shop owners and shoppers can do their thing.